Monthly round-ups

The WebShadowers monthly round-ups provide you the opportunity to earn hours for previous sessions. 

During the last weekend of each month, we reopen every Google Form from that month for 48 hours. This window allows you to submit the Google Forms for past sessions of the month if you choose to. The round-ups are completely optional!


The format for the live Google Forms remains the same, however, the summaries require at least 10 sentences.

Please remember that this opportunity is only for sessions that you have not previously attended yet!

When the round-up begins, a document will be listed on the website which contains the links to each session on YouTube along with their corresponding Google Forms.

September round-up:

The September round-up will be extended until October 8th at 11:59 PM EST this month.

When the September round-up period begins, a document with links to every September video and  Google Form will be uploaded here!