Many participants have reached out to WebShadowers with questions concerning how to list these virtual shadowing hours on applications/resumes. WebShadowers cannot speak on behalf of every medical school, or any. It is unknown for certain whether or not medical schools will accept these hours in the shadowing category.


If when the time comes for you to submit your application and medical schools are not accepting virtual shadowing hours the same as in-person shadowing hours, it is recommended to list these hours under other categories such as “clinical experience”, “extra”, “other”, etc.


You will state our contact information (NOT the information of our guest physicians). To learn how to list WebShadowers as a contact, please click here.

WebShadowers has made this opportunity as close as possible to in-person shadowing in hopes that medical schools will be lenient considering the circumstances of COVID and accept these hours as shadowing. In the case they do accept these hours as shadowing you will be more than welcome to put them under that category and state our contact information (again, not our physician guests).


At the end of the day, regardless of where you label your virtual shadowing hours on your applications, it still shows that you used this time productively. However WebShadowers encourages everyone to earn as much in-person shadowing experience as possible and to not rely solely on our program.


We are not the medical schools admission team, we are just students like all of you.


Thank you!