About WebShadowers

Many Pre-Med students were not able to achieve the clinical hours they hoped to gain, due to the circumstances of COVID-19.


The WebShadowers virtual physician shadowing program was founded by two best friends at the University of Central Florida during the summer before their Sophomore year. As fellow Pre-Med students themselves, the founders of WebShadowers could not find a way to shadow specifically MD and DO physicians during COVID-19. Knowing that other students were in the same situation, they decided to create a virtual program to help them achieve these hours and learn from physicians of various specialties. 


The program officially began in September 2020 and has hosted numerous physicians from various specialties throughout the country, with even a few international physicians as well!

The Founders 

Airyn Hutt 


Sophomore at University of Central Florida

Isis Ramos 


Sophomore at University of Central Florida

The Team 

Crystal Luu 

Sophomore at University of California Berkeley